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Red Cup Espresso Owner Tricia I’ve gotten ahead of my photos and it’s time to start back up where I left off. This is Tricia; Mother, Wicked Awesome Barista, and owner of Red Cup Espresso.

….The coffee is AWESOME!!! I’ve recently slowed down my Java intake but when I want a good espresso, this is where I go for sure! Their coffee is organically-grown coffee roasted by Roast House. It’s located on California Ave in West Seattle just north of SW Oregon st. Another Cool note is it runs on solar power!!!! from panels on the roof. These guys are like Broccoli green(without the attitude)! Their cups are from recycled material and for while(they still may be) if you brought in your own to-go mug they knock 25 cents off an already sweet deal!

For this shot I brought my brand new nxt photoflex octodome. Took me few minutes to get the lights up and ready. Always amazes people the amount of time it takes to set up vs the amount of time to shoot. The actual taking pictures doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes but the setup still can take me a little while. I read a blog once encouraging strobists to setup and break down 100 times. Much the same way a marine tearsdown and rebuilds his weapon. Once set up I had the Octodome mostly centered and above for fill. I used the ambient light shooting at 1/50 iso 200 and f4.5 for my key(the shop has large windows running along the northern wall). I used a gridded Speedlite to light her hair from the right. Later in post I posterized the photo on a separate layer and painted the background(non processed) layer back in.